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I absolutely love the ocean and its inhabitants. Years ago I got certified to dive and I have since become an avid scuba diver who loves to swim with large sea creatures. In addition to occasional Monterey dives and as much warm water diving as my schedule allows, I regularly dive and give presentations in the Philippine Coral Reef tank at the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences.

Over the years I have become very serious about diving and I have taken many different classes. As a result, I hold a variety of advanced diving certifications and even worked as a divemaster for a short time. As an experienced diver I am often asked questions about scuba diving. I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for reference.

During the past few years I've become more involved in underwater photography. It combines all the most difficult elements of diving, wildlife photography, and uncooperative natural conditions all into one! You can see the results of my efforts on my portfolio page.

Finally, I often keep journals of my dive travels and experiences, as well as documenting the trip with photographs. It's a way for me to share some of my best memories with others.